BD300 Recorder

The BD 300 is an extremely versatile Data Acquisition recorder. Every channel is capable of recording all of the most popularly desired measurements-VDC, VAC, Current, Temperature, and Frequency. The innovative input backpack, which can be detached from the recorder, lets the user have easy access to the input connectors. The newly designed digital steppermotor servo system offers highly accurate and reliable recording.

-     Available in 4, 6, and 8 pen versions
-     USB-Port
-     Logging up to 400Hz/channel (Chart recording to 2.5Hz)
-     Unique user interface allows easy set-up and display of all recorder function
-     Dust-resistant enclosure
-     Zone Recording

Additionally available:

Article no.
Annotation printhead (factory fitted)0333-717
LED illumination0333-713
19" rack mount0333-702
Transport case0014-891
Voltage attenuator 100:1, 500V max.0328-322
Voltage attenuator 10:1, 500V max.0328-324
Current shunt 0-16A3300-001

XR23 z-folded paper, zero left, set of 102643-989
XR High Contrast , z-folded paper, set of 102643-851 (only for use with annotation printhead)

XR30, set of 3 red fibre pens2643-838
XR30, set of 3 green fibre pens2643-839
XR30, set of 3 blue fibre pens2643-840
XR30, set of 3 black fibre pens2643-841
XR30, set of 3 brown fibre pens2643-842
XR30, set of 3 violet fibre pens2643-843
XR30, set of 3 orange fibre pens2643-844
XR30, set of 3 pink fibre pens2643-845
Inkjet print head cartridge4410-634

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