Van Renesse Supplies is operating in a traditional market with a focus on the production, sales and service of chart recorders. Sales are realized through our world wide network of distributors.

2006     Founding of Van Renesse Supplies B.V.

2009     Acquisition of Kipp & Zonen BD11E/BD12E flatbed recorder line

2010     Service partner for Kipp & Zonen BD300 data acquisition recorder line

2013     Acquisition of Kipp & Zonen BD300 data acquistion recorder line

2013     Acquisition of Linseis LY14100II / LY16100II XYT recorder line

2017     Appointed as distributor for Dickson circular chart recorders

2020     Acquisition of Linseis L120E / L200E / L250E Chart recorder line

2021     Start of our in-house production of fibre pens for the L120E, L200E and L250E chart recorders