L200E Flatbed Chart Recorder, Single/Dual Channel

-     Chart width: 200mm
-     1 and 2 channel version
-     mV, V and mA inputs
-     Separate electric pen lift per channel
-     Chart drive with grid function
-     16 chart speeds from 0,1 mm/min to 20 mm/sec
-     Remote control for chart drive
-     Single chip hybrid technology
-     Long life fibre tip pens
-     Monitor output signal
-     Paper advance/rewind knob
-     Counter voltage (opt.)
-     4TC types and Pt100 (opt.)

Product Codes:

Flatbed Chart Recorder Single ChannelL200E-1
Flatbed Chart Recorder Double ChannelL200E-2


PaperArticle no.
16m x 200mm wide with 50 divisions
Set of 1080003008


Article no.
Set of 5 green pensL120/1
Set of 5 red pensL120/2
Set of 5 blue pensL120/3
Set of 5 brown pensL120/4
Set of 5 black pens L120/5
Set of 5 violet pens L120/6

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