LY14100II A3 XYT recorder

The LY14100II XYT A3 Chart Recorder provides full XY and XT recording capability. With 14 calibrated measuring ranges (with variable range expansion up to 250%) on both the X and Y axis, and and the multi time base for XT recording, the LY XY Chart Recorders are recognized as the gold standard for this type of recorder.

-     DIN A3 Paper Size
-     14 Measuring Ranges 0.1mV/cm - 2 V/cm
-     Time Base with 9 sweep speeds
-     Electrostatic paper hold-down
-     Over-range LED
-     Aluminum Housing
-     Rackmountable

Additionally available:

Rack mountarticle no. XY\1600-110

Paper A3, set of 100 sheetsarticle no. 80004005

Set of 5 black pensarticle no. 80116026
Set of 5 red pensarticle no. 80116027
Set of 5 green pensarticle no. 80116028
Set of 5 blue pensarticle no. 80116029
Set of 5 lila pensarticle no. 80116030
Set of 5 brown pensarticle no. 80116033

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